Audition Dates:
Monday, April 11   6:30PM
Wednesday, April 13  6:30PM

Sunday, April 17    6:30PM

Performance Dates:
September 9 - 25, 2016
(3 weekends)

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

Music and Lyrics by David Nehls 

Book by Betsy Kelso
Directed by  Meghan Lynn Allen
Musical Direction by Timothy Chávez
Choreography by Karen McMahon
Stage Manager : Jasmine Kearse


Bring sheet music, as accompanist is provided. Please prepare no more than 32 bars of a piece similar in style to the show--preferably a piece from a musical. No a cappella. ALL ROLES ARE OPEN.

(Choreography combo will be taught and cold readings will be distributed at callbacks.)

The Great American Trailer Park Musical is a country-rock and blues musical, about agoraphobia, adultery, 80s nostalgia, spray cheese, road kill, hysterical pregnancy, a broken electric chair, kleptomania, strippers, flan and disco. The musical comedy centers on a regular guy and his agoraphobic wife, whose marriage is threatened by a hot young stripper who just shows up one day in Armadillo Acres. The trailer park also plays home to a trio of women, each dysfunctional in her own right.


BETTY, 40s-50s. Big, brassy trailer park leasing manager, self-proclaimed “badass” and know-it-all, lots of charisma, leads the show - Low F to D-flat on the staff

LINOLEUM “LIN,” 20s-30s. Former rocker groupie type, husband on death row, she’s fighting for his life, and for the next can of Bud - Strong Low G to E on the staff
DONNA “PICKLES,” late teens. Hysterically pregnant and hysterically ditzy, but sweet, married to a man of dubious sexual orientation - Low A to Strong High F on the staff 

JEANNIE, late 30s. Hasn’t left her trailer since her son was kidnapped twenty years ago, homely, hopes to keep her husband Norbert - Strong Low F to D-flat on the staff 

NORBERT, late 30s. A toll collector, good ol’ boy, big fella, torn between his wife Jeannie and new girlfriend Pippi - Strong Low A to E-flat above Middle C 

PIPPI, late 20s. Stripper with a heart of gold, on the run from her crazy ex, falling in love with Norbert, must be able to pole dance - Low F to High F on the staff 

DUKE, mid-20s. First class redneck, on the trail of his estranged girlfriend Pippi, addicted to sniffing Sharpies - D in the bass clef staff to G above Middle C

Rehearsals begin July 5, 2016. Rehearsal schedule TBD depending on casting.

Performances September 9 - 25, 2016.

For more information or rehearsal schedule, please email the director --