Volunteer Help Needed
How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  That's how volunteerism works at OHP.  With many talented people taking small bites, we all have fun delivering high quality musical theater to Northern Connecticut.

Here's your chance to take a bite.  Call  860-668-6020 and join in the fun today!
Here are some recent examples of little bites:

    *  An electrician agreed to run wires to our new energy                       saving thermostat.  He provided the wire and the time
       at no cost.

    *  A husband, wife, and their children helped paint our                       advertisement signs.

    *  A lawyer agreed to revise our by laws at no cost.

    *  A high school student received internship credit for
       being Assistant House Manager for our latest production.

    *  A commercial real estate broker helped us prepare
       and negotiate our lease at no cost.