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David Potter

On March 9, 2018 one of our own long time talents was called from this life to a life of eternal dance and music. 

David Potter was one of the early choreographers for St Martha Players which ultimately evolved into what is now the Opera House Players Inc.  A dedicated, devoted dancer, director and teacher of the steps and routines, he loved the dance, Broadway musical theater and was committed to the perpetuation of the dance and theater arts in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut.  David shared his gift with so many.  In his passing we take a moment to remember him.

David was a lifelong resident of Springfield, MA.  He graduated from Classical High School in 1968.  As the owner of David Potter’s Dance Studio, located in Springfield and Enfield, CT, he dedicated his life to teaching tap, jazz, ballet, and other types of dance to both children and adults for more than 50 years.

His own dance studios, area productions, variety of groups that he worked for, his love for his craft, demonstrated his commitment to his gift “the dance”. He shared his talents as a choreographer with Bay Path College, Academy of Music, St Martha Players, The Opera House Players and other area theater groups.  David was also a director and actor himself, further validating his love of musical theater. His desire to spread his gift to young and old alike made him a Master Teacher of the dance. To quote a few lines from a “Chorus Line” with a few liberties taken, I think that they represent David’s life…. 

“Kiss the day goodbye, the sweetness and the sorrow; I did what I had to do.
        Kiss the day goodbye, the gift was mine to borrow, and I can’t regret what I did for love."

As David himself wrote-

“A wonderful journey, I knew from the start, the teaching of dance was what lived in my heart.  And now I stand here at the Pearly Gates, teaching combinations and time steps to St Peter and his mates.  Those who are admitted are rehearsing for my next show, and those that are not are Shuffling off to Buffalo!”
They buried my body, they thought I was gone
But when you remember me, the dance will go on!
With Love

Submitted by George Lavoice