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Auditions for Sister Act

Auditions for Sister Act



Performance Dates: February 9,10,11, 16,17,18, 23,24,25
Rehearsals begin in mid-early November
Call Backs will be held Monday October 16th @ 7:00 PM (by invitation only) 

Based on the hit Movie, Sister Act is a high energy comedy with a witty script. Deloris, a sassy and headstrong African American singer with great talent and ambition, but very little success, witnesses a murder committed by her gangster boyfriend, Curtis. Police Officer and Deloris’ former classmate Eddie, hides her in a convent until she can testify in court. Deloris brings new life to the failing church with her high energy funky gospel, and discovers what it means to be a part of something more meaningful than fame.

Contact director Cheryl Connell at with any questions you may have.


  • Please prepare 16-32 bar excerpts from two songs – one upbeat, and one ballad from contemporary Broadway musicals – nothing from Sister Act.
  • You must provide sheet music. An accompanist is provided, recorded accompaniment will not be allowed.
  • Be prepared to do some dance/movement. Wear comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes. This will not be intimidating, and everyone will be considered regardless of skill level in dance. Be prepared to do cold reading from the script.
  • Bring a resume and headshot if you have them.
  • Be prepared to outline any potential rehearsal conflicts. 



Deloris Van Cartier
African American, Age 25 - 35, Alto/mezzo, Vocal range F#5 - E3 Excellent vocals, good movement, comedic timing.  Deloris is a talented aspiring performer who sometimes loses sight of the real world in pursuit of her dreams. Her big mouth and sassy demeanor hide the reality that she has no close relationships to bring deeper meaning to her life. After witnessing a murder she hides out in a convent where she discovers the true value of her talent, and what it really means to belong. 

Mother Superior
Age 45 - 70, Alto, Vocal range E5 - D
Excellent vocals, minimal movement.
Traditional and firm but fair, Mother Superior is very protective of the nuns in her charge. Only when Deloris, her polar opposite, upsets the rigid order of her world, does Mother Superior learn the depth of her own faith. 

Sister Mary Robert
Age 16 to 25, Mezzo soprano, Vocal range A5 - F#3
Excellent vocals, good movement.
Abandoned in the convent as a baby, Mary Robert is innocent, shy and naive, but yearns to find her own path in life. Under the exuberant influence of Deloris she finds her voice in more ways than one. 

Sister Mary Patrick
Age 20 to 35, Soprano Vocal range G3 - E6
Excellent vocals, good movement, comedic timing
Excitable, and high energy, with zest for life. Mary Patrick has an innocent, over the top enthusiasm for anything new and different. 

Sister Mary Lazarus
Age 40 to 70, Alto, Vocal range B4 - F3
Good vocals, ability to rap, good movement.
Choir leader, Mary Lazarus is tough as nails, easily offended, and more than a little crabby. When she suddenly busts a move and raps she embodies the transformation that Deloris brings to the staid and failing church. 

Sister Mary Martin of Tours
 Age 40 to 60
Ensemble vocals and moderate movement
Drifting in her own world, she is the master of the non-sequitur, and reacts comedically to things that are not there. In her moments of clarity however, she can save the day. 

Sister Mary Theresa
Age 60 or up
Ensemble vocals and moderate movement
Sister Mary Theresa is the oldest of the group, but quick with a witty comeback. She is unexpectedly spry and packs a punch in a pinch. 

Age 20 - 35, Mezzo soprano, Vocal range Ab3 - F5
Good vocals and good movement.
One of two back up singer for Deloris, Michelle is lippy but quickly bored and somewhat fickle. Will also be used in ensemble. 

Age 20-35, Mezzo soprano, Vocal range Ab3 - F5
good vocals and good movement.
One of two back up singers for Deloris, Tina is not very bright, and believes women should do as they are told. She is quick to lose interest.
Will also be used in ensemble. 

Female ensemble roles include:
Nuns, fantasy dancers, hookers, homeless, bar patrons, waitress. 


Monsignor O’Hara
Age 45 - 65, Vocal range G4 - E3
No solo singing, but likely to be double cast in ensemble roles requiring good vocals and movement.
The uninspired and bored Monsignor of a failing church, O’Hara finds new life for himself as well as his church when Deloris brings some welcome funky gospel to both. 

Age 30 - 45, High Baritone, Vocal range AB4 - A2
Good vocals, minimal movement
A gangster and nightclub owner, Curtis is suave, charming and arrogant, with an undercurrent of brutal violence. 

Eddie Souther ("Sweaty Eddie")
Age 25 - 35, cast to coordinate with Deloris. Tenor, Vocal range B4 - Ab2
Good vocals, good movement.
Former high school classmate with a crush on Deloris, Eddie is now Desk Chief at his Philadelphia Police Precinct. His police uniform can’t fully hide his gentle nerdish persona, but he longs to be the hero who can win Deloris’ heart. 

Age 25 - 40, Tenor, Vocal range Eb5 - Bb2
Good vocals, moderate movement, comedic timing and slapstick.
One of Curtis’ three henchmen, the three stooges of the 1978 crime world. These characters have real show stealing potential. Overweight, loyal to a fault, and fancying himself quite the ladies’ man, Joey is a lovable buffoon. 

Hispanic, Age 25 - 40 High tenor, Vocal range F5 - C4
Good vocals, good movement, comedic timing and slapstick
One of Curtis’ three henchmen, the three stooges of the 1978 crime world. These characters have real show stealing potential. Speaking almost exclusively in Spanish, Pablo is a hilariously smooth operator. 

Age 20 - 35, Tenor, Vocal range Eb5 - Db3
Good vocals, good movement, comedic timing and slapstick. 

Curtis’s nephew, and employed as one of his three henchmen for that reason only, TJ is an eternal man/boy. He may be dim but he has hilariously strong self esteem and a positive view of the world. TJ is sure to be an audience favorite. 

Male Ensemble characters include:
Ernie - Curtis henchman and secret police informant. Also murder victim.
Gay Dancers, Drag Queen mistaken for Deloris, Bar Patrons, Newscaster, Cabbie, Homeless, Police Officer, Alter boys.


Winter shows are a challenge due to holidays and weather uncertainties. Once the cast is assembled we will determine a reasonable rehearsal break for the holidays. Flexibility is crucial as rehearsals may be lost due to storms and will need to be made up. Rehearsals begin November 13th. 

Sister Act is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). 
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

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