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Auditions for VIOLET

Auditions for VIOLET

(Music by Jeanine Tesori, Book and Lyrics by Brian Crawley)
Director: John Pike  Choreographer: Anna Madonia Russell


Sunday June 4th: 6pm – 9:30pm and Monday May 5th: 7pm – 9:30 pm. 
(Callbacks if necessary will be scheduled after auditions have completed)
At the Broad Brook Opera House, 107 Main Street Broad Brook, CT  


16 – 32 bars of a musical theater song in the proper key

Country, folk and/or gospel style music from theatre productions is encouraged.  

(no pop songs please). A ballad is best. All roles sing close harmony.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a headshot, if you have one.

Questions? Please contact director John Pike (


Will begin end of July (around the 24th). 
The production runs three consecutive weekends in September. First performance Sept 8; Final performance September 24.


Set in 1964 in the Deep South during the early days of the Civil Rights Movement, Violet follows the growth and enlightenment of a bitter young disfigured woman. In hopes that a TV evangelist can cure her, she embarks on a journey by bus from her sleepy North Carolina town to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Along the way, she meets a young black soldier who teaches her about beauty, love, courage and what it means to be an outsider.


Roles to be Cast: 5 FEMALE6 MALE
Principals each play one role. Ensemble members play multiple characters and most have solos.
Depending on casting, some ensemble roles may be reassigned. 
Age ranges listed are approximate.


  • VIOLET KARL:  25, Mezzo, belt. Stubborn and prickly, but filled with equal parts hope and obsession that she may be healed and be made beautiful.  She’s direct with people who stare at her scar (unseen by the audience) and has a sarcasm and toughness to her.  Range: G3 – F5
  • YOUNG VIOLET:  13 years old. (or look 13 years old) Mezzo Soprano.  Not quite as guarded or prickly as her older self, but still tough and stubborn. She has a keen curiosity and the rough edges of being brought up solely by her father.   Range: A3 – E5  
  • FLICK:  Late 20’s.  Baritone.  An African-American soldier who looks for the positive in life – a dreamer and go-getter.  “You do what you gotta’ do, but in the end you do it alone.  You choose your road, then you walk it, one step at a time.”  Doesn’t like the army, but enjoys the respect it garners him.   Range: C3 – F#4 (Possible falsetto.) Gospel and blues.
  • MONTY:  Mid 20’s.  Tenor.  A white paratrooper and corporal who believes himself to be fearless and irresistible to most – especially women.  He is a bit full of himself.  Although self-consumed, it is not necessarily purposefully so.  As described by Violet, he’s “a boy in the skin of a man.”  Range: A2 – G4   Country Western
  • FATHER:  Late 30s – late 40s.  Baritone.  A simple, widowed man who lovingly raises his daughter, Violet, alone, doing the best he can with the little knowledge and resources he has to do so.  Stern but friendly, smart but uneducated.  He accidentally scars 13-year-old Violet’s face while chopping wood.  Protects and toughens her.   Range: A2 – F4


  • FEMALE 1:   Old Lady, Hotel Singer, Old Lady 2.  
    Late 40s - 60s   Range: F3 – E5
    OLD LADY:  A former beauty, now tired and frustrated with life. Gossipy and nosy. 
    HOTEL SINGER: Sings in counterpoint with Flick.
    OLD LADY 2:  Bus Passenger  
  • FEMALE 2Music Hall Singer, Mabel, Woman with Fan.  
    African American, 35-45 yrs. old Range: A3 – G5
    MUSIC HALL SINGER: Likes Flick, but loses interest when she sees him with Violet.
    MABEL:  Bus passenger who is talkative and a bit man-crazy.  


  • FEMALE 3:  Landlady, Gospel Soloist (Lulu) Woman Knitting, 
    African-American, 35-50 yrs. old Range: F3 – G5
    LANDLADY:  Flick’s friend who runs a Memphis boarding house.  
    GOSPEL SOLOIST:  Volunteer choir member who sings on the Preacher’s telecast.  


  • MALE 1:  Bus Driver 1, Preacher, Rufus, Radio Singer, Bus Driver 4.  
    25-40 yrs. old.  Range: B2 – G4
    BUS DRIVER 1:  Johnson, aka Mr. Wallace Weatherman.  
    PREACHER:  In Violet’s fantasy. Talks in tongues. An impassioned, TV showman who preaches with all the bravado he can muster. 
    RUFUS:  A mechanic.   RADIO SINGER:  Memphis boarding house radio singer.
  • MALE 2:  Radio Soloist, Waiter, Leroy Evans, Mechanic, Bus Driver 3. 
    35-60 yrs. old. Range: B2 – F4
    LEROY EVANS: Not too bright and won’t look Violet in the eye because of her scar.|
    WAITER:  Blunt about Violet’s scar.  Racist. MECHANIC:  Gets into fight with Flick.
    RADIO SOLIST:  A member of the boarding house radio trio.
    BUS DRIVER 3:  Sings “Lonely Stranger.”
    EARL: Bus passenger who carries a smelly suitcase he claims holds a flea circus.
  • MALE 3:  Billy Dean, Creepy Guy, Radio Singer, Bus Driver 2. 
    20-25 yrs. old.   Range: B2 – B4
    CREEPY GUY:  A “Jesus freak.”
    RADIO SINGER: A member of the boarding house radio trio.
    BILLY DEAN: Violet’s first sexual encounter – on a $5 bet.  
    VIRGIL: An assistant who knows the “smoke & mirrors” of the Preacher’s show and begrudgingly deals with anyone who might derail it.
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