It takes a lot of hard work to mount a full musical, and almost all of it is DONE BY volunteerS. 
We have fun doing it, creating great memories, and finding friendships along the way.
 If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact us USING THE FORM below.

Thank you!

We are always seeking business donors,
as well as volunteers for the following: 

Sound Board Operators,  Stage Managers,  Lighting Board Operators,  Costumers,  Prop Masters,  Set Painters,  Marketing Committee, Fundraising Committee,  as well as volunteers for Theater and Front of House Clean-Up before the opening weekend of every show. 

Here are some recent examples of volunteer work: 

  • An electrician agreed to run wires to our new energy-saving thermostat, he provided the site and the time at no cost.

  • A husband, wife, and their children helped paint our advertisement signs.

  • A lawyer agreed to revise our bylaws at no cost.

  • A high school student received internship credit for being Assistant House Manager for a recent production.

  • A commercial real estate broker donated his help in preparing and negotiating our lease.


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